Grimoire deals with a lot of heavy subject matter, including issues of the LGBT+, trauma, and mental illness. We in no way condone dangerous behavior to oneself or others, and urge our viewers to seek help if that is an immediate threat. If any of our audience is dealing with problems related to one or more of these issues, we want you to stay safe. Here are some resources you can refer to:

Your Life Counts

This website provides methods of contact for crisis and distress centers all over the world.

If you are unable to contact or reach one of the centers or hotlines provided above, you can speak with a specialist through chat.


Shelter Safe (women's shelter)

BWSS (women's shelter)

YWCA (women & children's center)

United States

The National Domestic Abuse Hotline

Sojourner Center (women's shelter)

Shelter for Help in Emergency

United Kingdom



Women's Aid (women's shelter)

We hope that these lists may provide some help to anyone in need, but should not be the only means of aid; the best outcome is usually to turn to professional help if available. If you would like to suggest other hotlines, textlines, chatlines, shelters, general advice guides, or other resources to add to the list, please feel free to contact us. (Also please specify which resource it falls under, and if it is specific to a region or country. We try to keep our resources nationally available to an entire country/region or international, otherwise we wouldn't be able to keep track of the list. We're happy to include other countries or regions that are not already listed.)